The annual Shape N Race Derby is the most exciting and anticipated event of the year!  Here you will find
information on how to build your car, tips to make it faster, rules for racing, links to pinewood derby information,
photo galleries of past races, previous winners, and so much more!

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All males are encouraged to join us for the Ed Sikes Memorial Open Division!


Shape N Race Derbies are so much fun on so many levels.  The first step to take after receiving your block of pine wood, is to plan out what the car will look like.  Are you designing for speed, or desire to win Best Design?  Once you settle on a design, building your pinewood car with your Dad (or uncle, brother, grandpa, etc.) can be one of the most fun and rewarding part of the Shape N Race Derby. 
The designs for your car are limitless, but here are some to get you started in planning.
    Design Plans from CSB
    Pinewood Derby Racing Web Ring

    Maximum Velocity
    Ultimate Pinewood Derby Site

Each year either during a Stockade meeting, or on a Saturday morning, the Chief Ranger will bring tools so each Dad and Son team can cut out their pinewood block, and begin to shape the block of wood into a car!  Much sanding is usually involved also, as the more the boy sands his car, the smoother it will be for the shiny new coat of paint!  The next Shape N Race workshop will be held on:
    January 23, 2013, 7:05pm
 Instructions to build your car            

  Dedication of the Brian Haima
  Memorial Speedway

       March 12th, 2007


How much can my car weigh?
Can I shorten or lengthen the axle base?
What kind of lubrication can I or should I use?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the 3698 Racing rules.

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   2005 #3698 Shape N Race Program
    2006 #3698 Shape N Race Program
    2007 #3698 Shape N Race Program
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   2008 #3698 Shape N Race Program
   2010 #3698 Shape N Race Program