#3698 Desktop Wallpaper and Backgrounds

CSB Unit #3698 is pleased to provide Desktop Wallpaper and Backgrounds for your home and work PC!  Click on any Wallpaper, then right click on the Image.  You may download the image by clicking Save Image As - or set as Wallpaper right away by clicking on Set As Desktop Background.

If you desire to create your own Wallpaper, and would like to submit for public use - please e-mail the image to scotth@csb3698.org.

3698 Racing Wallpaper

Created by Scott Haima.

3698 Racing Wallpaper

3698 Logo with flames background. Created by Scott Haima.

2008 Shape N Race Derby

2008 Shape N Race Derby on March 9th. Created by Scott Haima.

Rush Creek Crusaders Wallpaper

RCC - Battalion aged guys at WCH. Created by Matt Ward.

3698 Wallpaper

Created by Caleb Porzio.

Tree Climbers Wallpaper

Tree Climbers, created by Scott Haima.