Purpose of Stockade:

    Men Reaching Boys.

Through achievement projects, games, Bible memory, camping, and the unique frontier tradition, boys and men are drawn together in
friendship and are stimulated in their love for Jesus Christ and in their desire to serve Him.
  One word describes Stockade:  excitement.
  One word describes elementary ages boys:  energy.

The basic unit within the Stockade for all activities in the Post.  Stockade, through Posts, will teach boys about belonging to something
bigger than themselves, and outside their family, but not so big they feel aimless and ineffective.  A Post consists of four to eight boys
and is led by at least one man, called a Ranger.  Boys in third and fourth grade are known as Builders, boys in fifth and sixth grade, as
Sentinels.  The Ranger provides an important example of Christian manhood.  In the Post, the Ranger and a group of boys meet
together, have fun together, and learn together.   The Post is the perfect opportunity for a man to become a real friend to his boys - to
help prepare him for the growth years, to reach him before life becomes more complex.  John Eldredge writes in his book, Wild At
Heart, "the central truth of a boy's journey to manhood:  Masculinity is bestowed.  A boy learns who he is and what he's got from a man,
or the company of men.  He cannot learn it any other place.  He cannot learn it from other boys, and he cannot learn it from the world
of women."


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