Christian Service Brigade
Christian Service Brigade is a ministry of Christian men to boys.  Working through local churches across North America, CSB seeks to encourage and train men to lead programs for boys of all ages.  A vast network of committed men share a common burden of bringing boys to Christ.  (Click here to read The Story of Brigade.)
     Every Christian ministry to boys has a primary goal - reaching and building boys to serve Christ.  God's goal for a boy is that he become a mature Christian man (Colossians 1:28) and ultimately a reproducer, a person who can lead others to Christ (II Timothy 2:2).

So Christian men involved in boys' work are trying to:

Guide Boys to the Lord
     Boys need to receive Jesus Christ as Savior to begin to experience the full life God intends for them.

Guide Boys to the Word
     Growth in grace depends on regular nourishment from the Word of God.  A boy not only needs to be taught from the Bible, but he must be shown how to discover biblical truths for himself.  (Click here to learn more about Daily Devotions and reading the Bible in a year.)

Guide Boys to Christian Maturity
     Boys need to discover the daily power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  He will enable them to live in obedience to Christ and to witness to others about the Lord.

Guide Boys to the Church
     A Christian needs the encouragement and guidance which he can receive from his association with other believers.  For maximum spiritual growth, a boy needs to have a vital relationship with a church where Christ and His Word are central.

Each Christian Service Brigade program has many purposes:

1.  To provide men a context in which they can make friends of boys and disciple them for Christ.
2.  To help boys develop a positive concept of Christian masculinity.
3.  To provide the church with a dynamic means of outreach and evangelism to boys and their families.
4.  To strengthen boys' relationship to their church.
5.  To offer boys the opportunity for leadership training and experience.

These purposes shape the activities and structure of a Brigade program.  Simply playing basketball for an hour with a gang of boys and concluding with a devotion won't do.  Christian Service Brigade does far more.  The achievement of the purposes are accomplished utilizing the following elements:

Our leaders encourage challenging growth experiences, by setting realistic goals through completing achievement ranks, earning awards, developing skills and growing in his knowledge of God's Word.

Our Unit seeks to help boys become servants of Christ through opportunities to engage in service projects, learning to do things for others.

The Bible is the foundation of our Brigade program.  Our leaders and boys are taught to read, study, and apply God's Word to their lives.

Games and tests of strength and agility are not only fun but can be growth experiences for boys.

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Mission:  Helping children know, love, and follow Jesus.
Vision:  To offer the most inviting environment and the most compelling message to children; so they may have a joyful, life-changing relationship with God, and impact their world for Christ.
Core Values: 
  WORSHIP - Helping children meet God and respond to Him.
      Teaching kids to recognize who God is (Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.)
      Helping children know that God loves them.
      Giving opportunities for children to joyfully and reverently respond to God's love.
      Encouraging children to honor and glorify God with their lives.
  GROW - Leading children to discover what Jesus was like and become like Him.
      Establishing the Bible as the source of wisdom and truth.
      Offering many opportunities to become a follower of Christ.
      Equipping children to pray and use their Bible daily to better know God.
      Offering biblical teaching that is child-targeted, creative, applicable, and relevant.
      Helping children develop a lifestyle of obedience and holiness.
      Helping children see others as Jesus does.
  CONNECT - Helping children be a part of God's community.
      Connecting each child with a loving, adult leader.
      Connecting children with other children who are growing up to be like Jesus.
      Helping children care for each other and pray together.
      Providing kids with fun, safe, child-based experiences.
      Helping children develop and use their spiritual gifts within the Body of Christ.
  SERVE - Helping children want to use their God-given gifts for His purpose.
      Helping children understand that everything belongs to God.
      Teaching children to serve out of love, gratitude, and obedience.
      Helping children recognize and use their spiritual gifts.
      Helping children see all the resources God has given to them.
      Teaching children to make wise choices with their time, talents, and treasures.
  SHARE - Teaching children why and how to tell others about Jesus.
      Developing in children a heart for the lost.
      Teaching children ways to share their faith.
      Providing opportunities for children to share their faith.
      Encouraging children to bring friends.
      Exposing children to the needs of the world.

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