What is a devotion?
    - from the dictionary it means; feelings of love, or commitment to some purpose, or
       willingness to serve God.  So when we put all those together as Christian men, we
       don't get feelings - we get an act.  An act is something that people do, so when
       you love someone, how do you act?  You spend time with them, getting to know
       them through talking and listening.

Talking to God.
     - one of the best ways you can talk to God is through your prayers.  In Luke, chpt 11,
       Jesus' disciples asked him, "Lord, teach us to pray."  Jesus then gave us the Lord's
       Prayer.  He did not intend us to pray this same prayer every time we pray, but gave
       us a model on how to pray.  As we taught you in our #3698 Brigade meetings,
       remember this acronym every time you pray: 

       P - Praise God for who He is (...hallowed be Thy name..)
R - Repent for our sins (...forgive us our sins..)
A - Ask for needs, desires of our heart, for others (...give us this day our daily bread.)
Y - Yield our lives to God, turning it over to Him.

     - Prayer Partners:

       Adult men praying for young men;

       Young men praying for adult men;  pray for your prayer partner that he joins you in
       reading the entire Bible over the next year, pray for his entire family and for where he
       works, pray God gives him strength when the enemy tempts him, and good health
       throughout his lifetime.

Listening to God.
     - you can hear from God in many ways, through your parents, your Pastor, a song - but
       the best way to listen is by reading our Bible.  You have been given a goal in Brigade
       to read the entire Bible over the next year - in just 15-20 minutes every single day.
       Click on the Bible on the right for your daily reading plan.  Remember, this is an
       exercise to form a good habit, not an exercise in accomplishment.  If you miss time -       don't give up!  Keep going the entire year, because the habits you start now will
       stay with you throughout your lifetime!   

Why read the Bible?
     - to listen to God telling us about Jesus, who alone can prepare us for heaven.
Greg McClain - March 2, 2008


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